12V 3w 20" LED Under Cabinet Light Bar LED-BAR

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LED-Bar LED 20" Under Cabinet Light Bar
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AQLIGHTING joins forces with the lighting industry's leading manufacturers to bring you the best in LED lighting. 20" LED under cabinet light allows you to have brilliant lighting for your kitchen cabinets without the woes of wiring and installation. Designed with simplicity in mind, this LED light bar contains everything you need to mount and power the kit in one nice and neat package. Using a transformer built into the plug, you can simply connect this light bar to any wall receptacle and you're done. No splicing, stripping or soldering required. We followed the same design principle for our mounting system. This stand alone light system comes with both 4 strips of 3M double sided tape and 4 mounting screws to fulfill both permanent and temporary mounting options. Furthermore, we included an in-line 2 position switch for controlling on/off functionality so you can leave your system plugged in all day long. This light bar is powered by 30 LEDs which only uses 3 watts of energy to produce gentle accent lighting for your kitchen counter tops. As a bonus, this LED light bar is compatible with AQL's remote dimmer controller, allowing you to further control your light output. With an average rating of 50,000 hours of lifetime operation, not only will you be saving on monthly electric bills, you'll be saving in terms of long term maintenance costs.

20-inch-led-under-cabinet-light-bar-1.jpg Slim Profile Design:
Able to be hidden away even on slim lipped under cabinet sections, this LED light bar was designed to produce the maximum amount of light output from a discrete location. Measuring only 0.185" tall, there are few places that this under cabinet light bar can't fit.
Multiple Surface Mounting Styles:
No matter if your installation is designed to be a permanent addition or just a temporary one, we have included the necessary mounting supplies to allow you do either. Use the screws to attach the LED light bar to the underside of your cabinets for a more permanent installation or use the 3M double sided tape if you require your lighting to be able to moved at a moments notice.
led-dimmer-and-remote-control-system-1.jpg Remote Dimmer Controller Compatible:
Dimmable via remote control, we offer you the ability to take full control of your light output with our optional remote dimmer package. Connected to the power cord, this dimmer packages allows you to dim the light bar or control the on/off functionality with the remote so you can adjust the light bar's output to your heart's content.

AQL offers products that use some of the most efficient and reliable LED's available today for it's LED puck lights with over 100,000 hours of life span rating vs less than 2,000 for halogen and a ~5000K color temperature.

We designed our LED under cabinet lights to function on 120v making this fixture an easy install. Fixture is portable or can be hardwired.

2 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty.


Voltage 12V DC
Material Heavy Duty Plastic
Wattage 3 Watts
Lumens 210 Lumens
Bulb Type 30 LEDs
Color Temperature 3000K (Warm White) or 5500K (Cool White)
Wiring 72" from Transformer to Light Bar, 16" for In-Line Switch
Rating UL Listed for Indoor Usage